Shenyang Agricultural University

  Situated at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain in Shenyang east suburb with the relic of Qing Dynasty East Tomb as the neighborhood, is the campus of Shenyang Agricultural University(SAU). The university occupies a land over 1440hectares, and construction area around 440,000 square meters.

  SAU was established in 1952, originally the combination of Faculty of Agronomy of Fudan University and part of Shenyang Agricultural College(SAC), 11 October was set as the anniversary date, The famous agricultural educationist, Zhang Kewei, was the first president. In October 1979, the state council ratified SAC as a key college attached to the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1981, the state council authorized SAC to offer Master and Doctor degree. In October 1985, SAC was changed to SAU after getting permission from the Ministry of Agriculture; Deng Xiaoping inscribed the name for the university. The acting Party Secretary is Prof. Chi Weiyi and the president is Prof. Zhang yulong.

  SAU possesses a long history of teaching. After 50 years development, especially due to the opening and reform, SAU has performed as a multi-subject key university jointly run by central and provincial government, with sound development of Agriculture, Science, Engineering and Economics, Currently, the university consists of 41 Bachelor program, 50 Master program, 25 Doctor program, 4 specialty Master degrees, 6 post-doctor transient station. There are 2 national key disciplines, 3 key disciplines of the Ministry of Agriculture, 10 provincial key disciplines. All the program are distributed in 16 faculties, including faculty of agronomy, forestry, animal science, economics and trade, information and electric engineering, engineering, water conservancy, land and environment, bio-tech, plant protection, food science, horticulture, applied; technology, higher professional tech, adult continuation education and science and technology. The multilevel teaching system has formed, with postgraduate education as the leading force, bachelor education as the main body, profession and adult education as the wings. SAU possess the basis and advantages to develop uprising and edging subjects.

  Presently, The University has over 1779 faculty and staff with 859 full-time teachers, 139 professors, 412 associate professors, 81 Doctor candidate supervisor, 263 master supervisor and 239 recipients of special government subsidies. A reasonable teaching team has come into shape with sound structure of knowledge and age. At present, SAU has over 20105 students, including 389 doctoral candidates, 1437 master degrees’ candidates, 392 diploma postgraduates, and undergraduates 15433.

  Since the foundation, under the guidance of party education policy, generations of SAU staff worked hard to sharp the inspiring motto “comity, diligence, sincerity and innovation” . All long SAU puts the talent education quality in the first place, attaches more importance to teaching research and reform with student’ comprehensive ability and creative spirit as keystone. Among the over 52,000 students who have graduated from SAU, there are many outstanding scholars, eminent entrepreneurs and managers and respected by their fellow Chinese citizens.

  Since 1978 the university has undertaken more than 2000 research projects in national and provincial level and city level. 429 items received state, provincial and municipal awards. These research result have promoted agricultural production and created 300 billion yuan economic profit. The university has set up a science and technology demonstration and extension network consisting of grass root bases scattered over 32 towns in 15 countries (districts) to spread scientific knowledge and technical expertise, and has recommended successively 29 deputy magistrates and town administrators for science and technology affairs.

   SAU pays more attention to the international exchange and cooperation. It has established scientific exchange with over 40 countries and regions.

  Long-time academic accumulation, increasing teaching scale and strengthening of teaching resources lay the groundwork for future development. In the beginning of the new century, under the circumstance of deepening education reform, SAU with all staff and students will strive to reach the goal of making itself the first class university.

  Shenyang Agricultural University will step forward to a more fruitful and bright future.

Subject Setting in SAU

Subject and Major offering Doctor and Master Degree
Post-Doctor Transient Station
1.Crop Science
2. Plant Protection
3. Horticulture
4. Agricultural Resource Utilization
5. Agricultural Economics Management
6. Agricultural Engineering
First-class Subject offering Doctor and Master Degree
1.Crop Science
2. Plant Protection
3. Horticulture
4. Agricultural Resource Utilization
5. Agricultural Engineering
Subject offering Doctor Degree
1. Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
2. Crop Cultivation and Farming
3. Crop Genetics and Breeding
4. Pomology
5. Vegetable Science
6. Soil Science
7. Plant Nutrition
8. Plant Pathology
9. Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
10. Pesticide
11. Agricultural Economics and Management
12. Food Science
13. Agricultural-Biological Environment and Energy Engineering
14. Agricultural Water & soil Engineering
15. Agricultural Electrification and Automation
16. Crop Bio-technology
17. Facility Horticulture
18. Ornamental Horticulture
19. Agricultural Environment and Ecology
20. Land Utilization and Information Technology
21. Water Resources and Agricultural Water-saving
22. Harmful Biology and Environment Safety
23. Agricultural Mechanization System Theory and Design
24. Agricultural Installation Engineering Technology
25. Sustainable Development and Generalization
Subject offering Master Degree
1.Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
2. Crop Cultivation and Farming
3. Crop Genetics and Breeding
4. Pomology
5. Vegetable Science
6. Soil Science
7. Plant Nutrition
8. Plant Pathology
9. Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
10. Microbiology
11. Bio-chemistry and Molecule Biology
12. Ecology
13. Agricultural Water & soil Engineering
14. Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering
15. Agricultural Electrification and Automation
16. Food Science
17. Agro-product Processing and Storage Engineering
18. Crop Genetics and Breeding
19. Plant Nutrition
20. Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
21. Animal Nutrition and Fodder Science
22. Special Economic Animal Feeding (including silkworm and bee)
23. Basic Veterinary
24. Preventive Veterinary
25. Forest Breeding
26. Clinical Veterinary
27. Accounting
28. Pesticide
29. Water Conservation and Water Electricity Engineering
30. Machinery Design and Theory
31. Garden Plant and Ornamental Horticulture
32. Forest Economics Management
33. Cell Biology
34. Genetics
35. Land Resource Management
36. Forestry Economy
37. Food, Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering
38. Animal Genetics Breeding and Multiplication
39. Water & soil Conservation and Desert Control
40. Environment Engineering
41. Facility Horticulture
42.Ornamental Horticulture
43. Agricultural Environment and Agro-ecology
44. Land utilization and Information Technology
45. Water Resources and Agricultural Water-saving
46. Harmful Biology and Environment Safety
47. Crops Bio-technology
48. Agricultural Mechanization System Theory and Design
49. Agricultural Installation Engineering Technology
50. Sustainable Development and Generalization
Subjects offering Bachelor Degree:
1. Agronomy
2. Horticulture
3. Plant Protection
4. Applied Meteorology
5. Ecology
6. Rural Area Development
7. Agricultural Resource and Environment
8. Environmental Engineering
9. Land Resource Management
10. Forestry
11. Landscape
12. Applied Chemistry
13. Animal Science
14. Veterinary
15. Agricultural Economics Management
16. Accounting
17. International Economics and Trade
18. Finance
19. Machinery Design and Automation
20. Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
21. Agricultural Electrification and Automation
22. Computer Science and Technology
23. Transportation
24. Agricultural Engineering
25. Agricultural Construction Environment and Energy Engineering
26. Agricultural Water Conservation Engineering
27. Water Conservancy and Desert Control
28. Water Conservancy and Hydraulic Electricity Engineering
29. Food Science and Engineering
30. Bio-technology
31. Silkworm
32. Bio-engineering
33. Civil Engineering
34. Forest Resource Protection and Tour
35. Bio-science
36. Grass Science
37. Electric Information Engineering
38. Packaging Engineering
39. Marketing
40. Electrification Engineering and Automation
41. Information and Computer Science
Subjects Setting in Higher Professional Education
1. Water Conservancy Engineering and Construction Technology
2. Hydro-power Electricity Equipment Operation and Management
3. Project Measurement
4. Animal Nutrition and Fodder Process
5. Rural Electrification
6. Community Management
7. Water Conservancy and Hydro-power Electricity Engineering and Technology
8. Public Relation and Secretary
9. Water-Land Resources and Environment Protection
10. Animal and Plant Inspection
11. Agricultural Economics and Management
12. Computed Accounting
13. Construction Technology
14. Computer Application and Information Management
15. Arable-land Water Conservancy Engineering
16. Landscaping
17. Horticulture (Greenhouse)
18. Hydrology and Water Resource

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